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about the international trade tool

The International Trade Tool is an online tool that has been designed to provide information about overseas markets. With input from local customs authorities and international trade experts, the International Trade Tool has been designed to offer companies all the essential information they need to help grow their international sales.

This enables international market research to be done at the users place of work, resulting in a reduction in research costs.

The International Trade Tool provides:

  • The ability to calculate import duties and taxes for individual products or for single shipments with up to 99 products.

  • Research local product descriptions within each countries individual trade tariff.

  • Find local import duty rates of products for market research purposes.

  • You can find out what documents are required when importing into specific countries.

  • Access key information about the country you want to trade with and who that country has trade agreements with.

  • Check the customs procedures and import requirements for specific products to reduce the potential for goods getting stuck in customs.

  • The International Trade Tool will help companies develop a competitive export pricing strategy.

  • Get direct links to many import regulation authorities in individual countries such as Ministry of Agriculture, Country Standards Authorities, Customs Authorities, Chambers of Commerce.

  • Get insights into local business customs and enquire.

  • Be able to check how each country works out the cost of what import duty and tax will apply to. Plus what additional taxes are applied at import, which can make products much more expensive to your customers.

Companies can also assess the risk for a shipment by using the Incoterms Matrix which explains the risks, costs and obligations of each Incoterm. It will also help users identify the best Incoterm for them to use, compare different Incoterms, which can reduce the liability and additional costs of a shipment.

The site also has ED the Artificial Intelligence Robot, who will try to answer questions about international trade. However, if ED cannot provide an answer, then there is the option to send questions direct to our team of experts who will research the answers for you.

The International Trade Tool is a global system that can be used in any country in the world. Also, to support subscribers, information is continually updated, and more vital international trade data is added on a regular basis.

You can try the International Trade Tool for free by selecting the “Free Trial” button.