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duty calculator

This will show the rate of import duty and also any import tax that will apply to products from over 140 countries worldwide. It uses the WTO (World Trade Organisation) Methods of Valuation for import used by each country to provide an accurate landed cost. This can be done for individual product shipments or multiple product shipments containing up to 99 products. More Information

duty database

Users can check the rate of Import Duty for their products. More Information

incoterms matrix

Users can check and compare which is the best Incoterm for them to use, to ensure they understand their obligations, risk and cost for a shipment. More Information

import documents

Users can check what standard documents are required for the import of their products and who each country has trade agreements with. More Information

country information

Users can access a wide range of country information such as product standards, packing and labelling requirements, import restrictions and customs procedures. More Information


"ED" our help robot will try to answer your questions about international trade, but if not, you get the option to forward your question direct to our support team. More Information