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What the International Trade Tool does:

  • Calculates import duties and any taxes using your product description or Tariff Code in our Duty Calculator.
  • Checks import duties in over 140 countries with our Duty Database.
  • Shows what documents are required when importing into specific countries.
  • Shows information about doing business with your target countries such as trade agreements, restricted and prohibited imports, labelling requirements and much more.
  • Shows each Incoterms risks and costs, including the new 2020 version of Incoterms.
  • You can also ask ED our interactive robot any question about international trade. If ED doesn’t know then you can send your question direct to our team of experts who will research the answer for you.
  • All questions and answers are added to our database, giving you access to one of the largest growing international trade FAQ’s in the world.

For unlimited use you have a choice of a monthly subscription or an annual subscription as shown below:

  • GB Pounds - £29.99 per month or a one off annual subscription of £299
  • US Dollars - $37.50 per month or a one off annual subscription of $375
  • EUROS - €35.00 per month or a one off annual subscription of €350

*Note the above costs do not include VAT or any other Sales Taxes where applicable.

You can try it for free 3 times and if you like it then you have a choice of currency and subscription options to get full and unlimited access to ALL these features.

Please note that the information is continually being updated and more vital international trade data is constantly being added. So keep up to date with all the trade data you need and all in one place, plus have your own international trade research assistant 24 hours a day for less than 1 Pound or 1 Euro or just over 1 US Dollar a day.